Friday, February 15, 2013

Oh, NOW he wants to play.

I know this is starting to get confusing so I'll make a "character" list for your reference. 

I'd call it a "friend" list but...well....
Just try and stay with me here.
[Insert-Friend's-Name-Here-Because-He's-Failing-To-Take-This-Seriously-And-Now-I-Have-To-Fucking-Ramble-So-He-Doesn't-Get-To-Play-Until-An-Update] from my previous post is now to be called "Hobo Fett."  I guess.

Names are permanent, folks, no take backs. Ten bucks says he regrets this decision.
Because I'm calling him "Bo." Remember "Bo," he's an important character.
Here's what Bo said about his "Top-Secret-Assassins-Slash-Superhero-Team-Extraslash" (in case you didn't read the last post, this is about who you'd have on your team to protect your hind-quarters from the inevitable space invader attack... and it will happen).
1.) Han: naturally.
2.) Dwayne the Rock Johnson: gotta have The People's Elbow if you want
alien turn around.
3.) Keanu Reeves: just to hear him say "Woah" to everything.
Then you and Scarlett Johansson.
The three of us will repopulate earth after victory. Han and Dwayne
can have shots with Scarlett to avoid incest babies later on. But I
figure me you and her would make a great team,
if you know what I

Keanu gets no one, we don't want him repopulating anything."
... I don't like how he turned me into a baby making vending machine. Totally sexist... and totally claiming Head Wife. But bonus points for not throwing me at Han and Dwayne. Sorry, Scarlett.

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