Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem... or some other cliché post title...

I think it's time for all of us to take a step back and really evaluate what we're saying and doing. I've decided to revisit some of the things I say and do on a regular basis that fall in the category of unacceptable behavior.

  1. One-upping. Everything. Sometimes I camouflage it with "if it make's you feel any better," and continue with something horrific and voted most likely to make the individual cry in a ball on the floor of their tub. Super helpful.
  2. Rage-mode. A mode I frequent and wish I didn't. It looks like the scene from King Kong 2005 when Kong's fighting off the two uppity T-Rex's. Except I'm all three of them. And making an ass out of myself.
  3. Wandering brain. One of the more unflattering things I do. I'll think of some kind of conflict I've been in and realize oh I should have said this. Pretty soon I'm thinking then I'll be like 'effyoo, snatchface' and elbow her in the kidney however I'm sitting in the office at work... with wandering brain... making some of the most ridiculous and completely unattractive faces I've ever made... People stare. Don't do it.
Sometime's I like to think no one picks up on my social ineptitude. But let's face it, I'm about as graceful as an elephant in a china shop. Yay for self realization/improvement.

For continued helpful hints I've found this resource. Seems legit. You guys owe me one.

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